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I believe that all people deserve rights, respect, and fulfillment.


my story

Hannah Fuhlendorf, MA LPC

I desire to see people free from the prison of self hate and internalized oppression. My goal is to support all of my clients in reaching their goals and stepping into their power. I practice from a HAES and fat liberation lens. I aim for my work to create a space of collaboration and empowerment.

Commitment to safety:

It is my commitment not to pathologize personal or cultural identities. You can be open and honest with me about your experiences related to race, gender, sexuality, body size, polyamory, disability, immigration, cultural values, anti-capitalist beliefs, and any other part of yourself. You do not need to hide who you are or worry that I’ll try to get you to conform to western norms to solve your problems. I don’t believe that training clients to hide, code-switch, or stifle valid parts of themselves serves anyone in the long run. And while people may need to do those things on an as-needed basis to survive, I do not believe they are values to be adopted.

Why mention this?

Much of mental health care and wellness work has been created under the assumption that “health” means looking, thinking, and behaving like those in power. Much of the behavior and experiences that have historically (and currently) been pathologized are those of people who simply don’t ascribe to white, western norms or Judeo-Christian ethics. Many people have been and still are harmed by therapists and coaches who pathologize their cultural and personal identities. I do not ascribe to the belief that “health” means thriving under capitalism or being seen as acceptable by those in power. In fact, I often think the opposite is true.

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